Oak7 started in 2018 in Munich. Thomas was working day and night to get the concept of the 4-phase aluminum track in shape and ready for the exhibition. At the same time, Felix was managing his first booth with sustainable furniture at the exhibition.

Before the fair even started, Thomas and Felix already connected. The first joint evening brought then the idea: connecting old wood and innovation. This concept should follow them for years.


the story behind

In 2019, the very first prototype was finished in a garage near Karlsruhe. Since then, the idea was stuck in Thomas’ and Felix’s heads.
At the beginning of 2020, after a year full of work, the spark for the idea caught on fire.

By March 2020, the coronavirus was knocking on the door and took away some parts of life, however, in summer 2020, the project got physical. The clue was to find the right people to work with. Marcus, a visionary in design and products, as well as Anna, a master carpenter for technical, have been the crazy chosen ones, fitting in the team perfectly.
Thomas the head behind the 4-phase aluminum track system and Felix with a focus on sustainable living and furniture are the heads behind the idea.

The track

The innovative heart behind all Oak7 systems, the 4-phase aluminum track, fully designed and produced in Austria.

The technical part takes a step back without losing its outstanding innovative features because you will only see the small gab of the track.


Night stand

No matter if at home or in a hotel, our modern light and sustainable nightstand are perfect as storage, reading light, or to charge your phone.

Produced with high-quality wood from Austria and Germany, tailormade in the Austrian Alps. Innovative, sustainable, and timeless. 

Key shelf

Charge your car keys or mobile before leaving. Slim and perfect to fit your hallway


Keep your shoes and jackets stored in style. Modern slim design, together with sustainability.

Key shelf

Charge your car keys or mobile before leaving. Slim and perfect to fit your hallway


Wall Panel

No matter if you have it in the living room, hallway or office. Enjoy entertainment, charging, and light flexibility, wherever you need it! Fits every interior with the provided wooden surfaces.

Desk Divider

Our Slim Board can be used on the wall similar to the key-shelf but also on desks to separate working space and allow charging your phone and accessories, provide light and storage. The wooden surface also provides a good and healthy atmosphere. Ideal for modern shared office spaces.


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